"Descend from heaven, queen Calliope, and come sing with your pipe a lengthened strain"

Horace, Odes

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Calliope is the muse of poetry and eloquence. Her name, Kalliópê in Ancient Greek, means “beautiful voice”.

As a guide, it is with my voice that I share my knowledge, with my voice that I speak of art, with my voice that I tell you a story. Thus, it is natural that Calliope inspired me as a name for my business. Moreover, so many artists and poets have written about the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel that during the tours I guide, I sometimes find myself borrowing their words, their “beautiful voices”.

Yet Calliope is also a muse: a young girl playing and dancing with her sisters, wearing a crown of gold, garlands of flowers, sometimes playing music... It is also this youthful, joyous and festive side that attracts me! If talking about culture and history might seem a bit too serious to you, I want above all else to make my tours a moment of relaxation - an enjoyable journey through time.

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