"A country to me is much more than cities, mountains or rivers;

it is a face, a smile, a welcome, a first name."

Pierre Fillit

My name is Noëllie Couchoux, and I am a certified tour guide.

With a qualification in local tourism guiding and a degree in art history, I have always had a desire to share my passion for heritage, culture, history and the stories that form the richness of our country.

Originally from the Rhône-Alpes region, my arrival in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay in April 2012 was purely for work, but I then fell completely in love with the region! Between Brittany and Normandy, I discovered a land fortified by its past, its strong traditions and ever-changing landscapes that never bore.

Convinced that everyone should be able to discover and fully enjoy this rich natural and cultural heritage, I created this initiative to provide my services to you as a guide.

See you soon!

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