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"…the craggy abbey, pushed over there, far from the earth, like a fantastic manor; stunning like a dream palace; incredibly strange and beautiful"                                                                         Guy DE MAUPASSANT

    Nationally and internationally known and recognised, Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most visited sites in France, and for good reason. Such a grand history for such a small rock! The monastery, an architectural wonder perched on its mountain, is a harsh fortress that unveils bit by bit its lacy stonework. In this little medieval village, you can lose yourself in the crowd, but at the same time, find yourself cut off from the world, alone in the maze of stairs treaded for more than a millennium. Mont Saint-Michel is framed by its stunning bay: immense, ever changing and playing with the water, sand and light.

    I offer to guide you through the village and the abbey, in the footsteps of pilgrims who have been coming here since the 8th century.

    Around the rock, major renovation work has been done a few years ago. From the ramparts or the new dam on the Couesnon River, I will show you the Restoration of Maritime Character project, and explain the objectives and issues involved in such an undertaking.

Mont St-Michel grandes marées
Mont illuminé
Merveille - vue nocturne
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