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"Like all Malouins, he liked the morning tide, the  creamy foam running  towards the walls where it fires cannon shots like liquid grapeshot over you."                             Bernard SIMIOT, Ces messieurs de Saint-Malo

    Known as the « Corsair City », and very important seaside resort today, Saint-Malo has an incredible, rich and epic history. From isolated rock to one of the richest port of the kingdom in the 17th and 18th century, Saint Malo has a lot of secrets to reveal. Fortifications and castle built by the dukes of Brittany, old medieval town, whealthy traders and shipowners, great discoveries and riches from the India Company, cod fishing in Newfoundland, destruction of 80% of the town during WW2 liberation battle and total reconstruction etc…

    I’ll show you the last remains of the medieval town, the beautiful viewpoint on the sea, the beaches and the fortified islands from the city walls, the castle, the cathedral… and I’ll tell you the great story of this city, the one that explains the historical pride of its inhabitants !

plage St-Malo
grandes marées sur la baie de St-Malo
Maison _Anne de Bretagne_
Fort National et brises-lames

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